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Things you might not know about Me

Places I've Lived: Bethlehem, PA. Galway, Ireland. Silver Spring, MD. Clarksburg, MD. North Bethesda, MD.

Education/Training: BS Biology (Lehigh University). BSN University of Maryland School of Nursing, MSN WHNP Drexel University

Why OB/GYN? I love being able to spend time with women of all ages each day. Women’s health is a field in which you can truly make an impact on a woman’s life, through a trusting, enriched relationship with her provider. I feel honored to be able to be a part of many moments of my patient’s lives.

Who Knew: As a child I wanted to be a marine biologist and used to work at the National Aquarium!

Travel Memories: One of my favorite travel memories is my study abroad in Ireland during undergraduate, as well as traveling to British Columbia with family.

Someday I plan to go to: Turks & Caicos, Hawaii, back to Ireland

These are some things I do in my spare time: We love to spend time with family and friends, and bring the kids to local kid friendly wineries/breweries.

A really big accomplishment: My biggest accomplishment has been raising my three children in our wonderful community!

Favorite Book: anything psychological thriller and the Harry Potter series!

Favorite TV Show: This is Us, Handmaid's Tale, Yellowstone

Favorite Quote: "Love the life you live. Live the life you love” - Bob Marley

Favorite Food: All forms of Potatoes and having celiac disease, I love finding a good gluten free bakery!

What superpower would you most like to have? The ability to go back to time and transport to other areas of the world! Would love to be able to travel easily/quickly and experience other time periods!

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