Things you might not know about Me

Places I've Lived: Boca Raton, Florida; Tallahassee, Florida; Fuengirola, Spain; Rome, Italy; Washington DC

Education/Training: Bachelors of Nursing at Florida State University; Masters of Science from Georgetown University with degrees as a Certified Nurse Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

Why OB/GYN? I highly value an ongoing relationship with my patients, and especially in this field where you often feel vulnerable at your visit, it is especially important to be seeing a healthcare provider that you feel comfortable with. It is a privilege for me to be an integral part of a woman’s healthcare team and I love getting to know my patients over a span of years and walking through their changing healthcare needs with them.

Who Knew: I went bungee jumping in Austria

Travel Memories: I got the travel bug when I spent 6 weeks in Australia in high school visiting my Grandma, after that I couldn’t get enough. One of my favorite trips was a family trip to Italy that was of course accompanied by the most delicious food and coffee one could imagine.

Someday I plan to go to: Fiji, any exotic island, and New Zealand

These are some things I do in my spare time: Spare time is hard to find with 3 small children, but I do love reading a good book, cooking a yummy meal, or hosting friends for dinner

A really big accomplishment: Delivering my 3 babies! And starting Stork Childbirth Education, Inc. - a childbirth education company that I started with my colleague, Flynn.

Favorite Book: Redeeming Love and the Harry Potter series

Favorite TV Show: Shark Tank, Chicago PD and The Office

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